TW-2000 long rang 2.4ghz wireless camera / Video+Audio Transmitter and Receiver

Field Test Show (see large images )

Test condition:

in open distance;14 Nov 2010,

Test equipments:

    • TW-2000 ( tested 7 transmitters and 4 receivers)
    • 2dbi antennas for Tx/Rx (most seen in home wifi router);
    • Lead-acid batteries as 12V Power input
    • Easy cap + Laptop as video capture device;
    • Tiny Sharp 1/3" CCD video camera.


2dbi antenna, SHARP 1"3 CCD, USB-Easy-cap

easy cap


2km Field Test (6560 feet)

clear image/video without any distortion

(see large images )


2km transmission image
2.4g long rang video transmitter field test


2.47km Field Test (8103 feet)

some distortion appear, could be some interfere near by.

2.5km video transmission
2.5km video transmission


3.4km Field Test (11,154 feet)

Video quality is still good

3.4km video transmission

long rang video transmission 3.4 km


4km Field Test (13,100 feet)

looks good as well

4km video transmission

long rang video transmission 4km


4.9km Field Test (16,000 feet)

still receiver clear video but need to adjust antenna to right position.

Not going any further test since it is difficult go further to find a open place . Meanwhile, we are very satisfied with this test result. We tested 7 transmitter at this place. All receiver good quality video at this point.

4.9km video transmission
long rang video transmission 4.9km