A whole new product. never seen in the market.

Digital battery voltage displayer


Digital Battery Voltage Displayer (manual)


  • With LED screen read your battery with digital number.
  • Accuracy up to 0.01v.
  • Probe 3 cell at one time of your Lipo-battery pack
  • Read your lipo pack without limit (2S-unlimits battery pack) with balanced charge connector
  • Test voltage range: 2S Lipo pack/4S Nimh(6V~ 13V).

With this small device:

  • You can Identify the performance of each cell in a lipo pack by reading the Voltage draw after a flight, avoid over-discharging in next flight, which could damage batter
  • y pack and cause further consequency, protect your plane.
  • Test your balanced chargers voltage.
  • Make sure your transmiter battery and receiver battery are in good condition.