Suppo Model RPM/KV Meter


Key Features:

Easy & Accurate RPM/KV test
Auto-save max RPM/KV per test
Battery Connectors
Back lighted LCD Display


Reading indication:

RPM: 42765 RPM
KV: 3548
Input voltage: 12.05v
Pole number selected: 4 poles



Voltage: 7-25V (+-0.15V)
RPM range: 0-99,999(+-0.1%)
Measurement: 63mm*33mm*9mm
Weight: 28g


1, connect tester to battery and ESC
2, connect signal wire to any 1 of 3 BL motor power lines
3, Push Pole button to select Poles of your motor
4, run your motor to test RPM/KV



M ĘC call Max RPM/KV of last test
D ĘC select display mode on LCD
P ĘC select the poles number of your motor

Note of Selecting Poles:

Usually the pair number of magnets on rotor is poles. If you count 14pcs magnet on the rotor shell, then you should select 7 P(Poles)

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