Suppo 3D camera and

Multi view cameras/Video system

3DM system

allow you to maximize result with your best camera

3D mode ( Cam 1/ Cam 2)

3D cameras

3d camera

3D camera

3D Camera

3d camera picture


Multi view Mode ( picture in picture mode)

Combine upto 4 cameras in one video

Test of switching different camera

Multi camera


4 camera


3DM Video system


Light as: 30g

Tiny as 52*41*12 mm

Switch view via your RC receiver

Power input: 7-12V

Current: 0.28A @7.4v ~ 2W



View of 4 angles

Multi camera



Switch 1:

FPV camera switch 1


Switch 2

FPV CAMERA switch 2


Youtube demo of switch


(Power-in will be directed to cams and video out,

Caution: Check your Camera's voltage before connecting)