• About 20A/30A/40A simple version Programming

The default setting of 20A ESC is:

1) Nimh battery
2) Brake off.

To change a setting. You need to move the throttl to OFF position at the time of Break fo the Beeps.
"-" represent Beep sound
"," represent Break between Beeps sound

For example, if you want to use Lipoly batteries. You need to wait for :"eep beep( one sound)" then move the throttle to OFF position. then the controller will save the setting and exit programming mode automatically.

The option 3, brake is seted as disabled by default. this is a switching enable/disable option. If you first time select it, Brake will be enabled. And if you select next time, it become "brake disabled".

  • Helicopter version H20A/H30A/H40A programming
The Timing is fixed on Zero degree.
Option 1, is just disable the govenor mode, left with basicly slow start up for helicopter before you can push/pull throttle hard to protect the gears. It is the option for model airplane as well.
The other options is enable the Governor mode specifically for different motors with different poles.

For example, Our H-motor are 8 poles. so if you want govenor mode, choose option 3 for the H-2212/6

Table of programming options:

Option 1    Normal ( without Govenor Mode) 

Option 2  - For 2-4 poles motors with Govenor Mode                      

Option 3  - For 6-8 poles with  Govenor Mode                     

Option 4  - For 10-14 poles with Govenor Mode


Suppo ESC's Max RPM support:

Poles Max RPM
14 20,000
12 23,333
10 28,000
8 35,000
6 46,667
4 70,000
2 140,000

Problem: Can not push to max Throttle ?

Some Transmitter could have this problem:"Motor would not spin up more that about 1/4 throttle even when the stick was full up. "


could be compatible problem with the TX (specifically, throttle study).
Try this:
power on the ESC with your TX max throttle. then pull down to minimum in 1-2sec. Let the ESC learn your TX throttle range. usually the ESC learn throttle range itself. the above is call manual-learning.