2.4ghz transmitter Receiver - TW-2000

long range Video Audio transmission

8 channels 1000mW 30dbm 2000 meter(6500feet)



2.4g video/audio long range Transmitter / Receiver TW-2000

2.4g long rang video audio transmitter receiver

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SUPPO 2.4g Transmitter /T-sec Receiver For Wireless Video Surveillance System

T-sec wireless transmitter T-sec receiver



    • 2.4GHZ ISM frequency

    • Audio*2 , Video*1 Sender/Receiver

    • Support 8 channels avoid interference
    • Transmission distance without obstacle Min.2000 meter with 2dbm antenna (field tested)

2.4g long distance video transmission field test

2.4g Transmitter / Receiver For RC Flight FPV system:


2.4g fpv long range transmitter


2.4g long rang av transmitter receiver

2.4g av long range transmitter receiver application



Frequency: 2.4Ghz 8 channels

2.4ghz Channels and Frequency


















Power Consumption 6W (Transmitter)
Current consumption: 500mA ( transmitter ); 140mA(Receiver)
Supply voltage: 8V-15V
Input/Output Video*1 + Audio*2
Intermediate frequency 480MHz
Video output level 1Vp-p
Audio output level 1Vp-p
Receiving signal: Video *1; Audio*2
Working temperature: -20-50C /-4-122H
Input sensitivity: -87dBm
Dimension: Transmitter: 100*71.2*26 (mm)
Receiver: 85.1*71.2*26 (mm)
Weight: Transmitter: 165g
Receiver: 145g

About transmission distance:

In our field test. this TW-2000 can reach 2000 meter/6500 feet with clear image/video without any distortion IN OPEN DISTANCE, WITHOUT OBSTACLE.

it can reach 3000 meter/9800 feet with clear video but there is some distortion IN OPEN DISTANCE, WITHOUT OBSTACLE.

Reaching 4.9km, you have to set the antenna in right position and avoid any kind of obstacle. Video quality is still acceptable at is time.

Please Note that obstacle between Tx and Rx will have strong effect on transmission quality. the real transmission very depend on your application condition.

No worry about over heat in FPV flight. we test the transmitter in a sealed box without heat sink for over 72 hours. the box's inside temperature reach 66C/150H. the transmitter still works as good as usual. This transmitter TW-2000 is safe in any application no need to worry about heat.

Field test image link


Step by step:

2.4g A/V audio Transmitter TW-2000:

  1. Install antenna;
  2. Connect Video source and Audio source to Transmitter A/V input
  3. Connect power source Select transmitter channel

2.4g A/V Receiver:

  1. Install antenna;
  2. Connect output wires to displayer and speaker(or recorder etc.)
  3. Connect power source (12V 1A)
  4. Select same channel as transmitters

Important notice:

  • This product is for indoor use only.

  • Install antenna before connecting power source;

  • Recommend 12V 2A power source for transmitter; the power source has strong effect on transmission quality; (if you use battery pack, that will be the best power source)

  • Avoid obstacle between transmitter and receiver for best transmission quality. Because 2.4ghz frequency is very sensitive to obstacle, especially iron and steel. Any obstacle will effect transmission quality.

  • Usually, both antennas remain vertical will have better transmission;

  • Use channel 1,2 and 7,8 will have less interference with other 2.4g wireless products.


Accessories included:

Power source 12V 2A + 12V 1A
Antenna 2dbi * 2
TX Cable 1 meter
RX Cable 1 meter
long range 2.4g video transmisssion receiver