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++Outrunner Brushless Motors

A1504 A1510
A2204 A3520
A/B2208 A/R4120
A2212 A/R4130
A2217 A5330
A2814 A5345
A2820 A7035
A2826 A7050
Helicoptor brushless Motor

H2218 H3120 H3730 H3740

H2223 H3126 H3736

Recommend of use

++Brushless motor Speed Controller
10A 18A
20A 70A
30A 80A
40A 100A
50A 125A
60A 200A

Helicoptor Speed Controller

H50A H70A H100A

Boat --ESC

B70A- B125A


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/ Welcome to Suppo Model, RC model manufacturer of brushless motor and speed controller. We supply various electric power system for micro model aircraft, micro electric helicopter to large scale airplane model.<a href="motor/motormenu.html"> RC model manufaturer of outrunner brushless DC motor </a>and <a href="ESC/escmenu.html">brushless DC motor speed controlle</a>r. Our motor are mainly for RC model especially the RC airplane and RC boat. <a href="motor/H2212.html">We also have powerful high RPM (KV) outr-unner brushless DC motor for electric helicoptor model.</a> Our motors range from finest micro burshless motor <a href="motor/A2204.html">A2204/15 19g/0.68 oz</a>, to the<a href="motor/A7050.html"> huge out-runner A7050, 1.68kg Max. 6000Watt.</a> Our brushless motor speed controllers are compatitable with most brushless motor in the market. The speed controllers range from <a href="ESC/10A.html">tiny 10A, 8g</a> to <a href="ESC/200A.html">Large 200A, Max 6800Watts</a>.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> </body>